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Partner with Soil Benchmark

We know that to achieve our mission of helping reverse the degradation of farmland soils, we need to work together. 


While we're an early-stage company, we're proud to already be partnered with some of the biggest names in UK farming: 


We have won a Farming Innovation Programme grant from DEFRA - the UK's agriculture department - delivered through InnovateUK. This funding - which supported the initial development of our tools, highlights DEFRA's support for our mission to help farmers improve the health of their soils by harnessing the under-utilised resource of on farm data. Our approach ties in with DEFRA's new ELMS soil standards, in particular the new requirements for farmers to test (but not necessarily then use!) Soil Organic Matter levels to receive subsidy payments. We utilise this data alongside other farm records - which otherwise remain siloed on individual farms.



NIAB are one of the UK’s leading crop and soil science research organisations. We are working closely with Dr Elizabeth Stockdale who has over 25 years applied soil and nutrient management research experience. She has led the development of farmer-focused approaches to measurement of soil health and developing on-farm toolkits for improved soil management, including the Digital Soil Health Scorecard


ADAS are the UK’s largest independent provider of agricultural and environmental consultancy, policy advice and R&D. We are working with Dr Daniel Kindred who leads the development of ADAS' farmer-centric research, including the Yield Enhancement Network (YEN). We're excited to be working closely with Daniel to explore how our cutting edge ML algorithms can benefit the farmers who have contributed to the YEN over many years, creating a unique dataset on how different management practices have worked across soil types.




The British Geological Survey (BGS) are a world-leading independent research organisation providing objective, expert geoscientific data, information, and knowledge since 1835. We are working with their geospatial data analytics specialists as well as getting access to their unrivalled maps of the UK’s underlying soil types, crucial for contextualising on-farm data.


We're excited to be part of the Geovation Accelerator Programme, which is backed by Ordnance Survey and HM Land Registry. Through this scheme we benefit from grant funding, shared office space with other start-ups also solving problems using geospatial data, as well as ongoing support including workshops, coaching, access to data and expertise.


We're proud of these partnerships, but are always looking to work with any organisation or company who are also committed to helping farmers restore the health of their soils.

Book a call with us through the Calendly tool below to see how we could collaborate to make sure farmers' data work for farmers' soils:

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