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Add your SBI number to see the underlying geology and the climate of your farm going back 30 years!

The free tool allows you to see and download:

  • the underlying geology and soil types across all your fields

  • the detailed climate history across your farm

By using the 'digitise' button in the top right hand corner, you will also be able to have any historic soil sample data from your farm digitised and added to the map. Simply upload the files containing your soil sample data (in any format - pdf, scan, export from Gatekeeper/MuddyBoots/Geofolia etc all work!) and then add your email address to access this free service.

Please note that this tool is intended for use only by farmers and land managers using their own Single Business Identifier (SBI). If you are an agent or agronomist working for a farmer, please contact us to start using our products.