applying data driven tools to farmers' existing information
to uncover practical insights that improve the health of their soils


our mission

At Soil Benchmark, we believe the conventional agriculture system does not provide farmers with the information or the incentives they need to maximise the health of their soils.

Meanwhile, farmers have spent years collecting ever more data - whether to vary input applications, meet cross-compliance rules, or to inform how they manage the farm. 

But too often that existing data - and the practical insights hidden within it - isn't actually helping farmers make better decisions about how to manage their soils. 

The health of agricultural soils has been - by any metric - declining for too long. We help farmers turn this situation around by leveraging the hidden power of the data that is sitting under-utilised on their farm.

We are on a mission to make sure

farmers' data works for farmers' soils

who we are

Our backgrounds are in data analytics and soil science. 

Tom used to collect soil samples to sell bio-fertilisers. With a Big4 accountancy background previously, he had learned the power of properly harnessing data analytics and machine learning to make better decisions. He started Soil Benchmark out of a frustration that soil data was being used to just sell inputs to farmers. He is passionate about soil health, and enabling the only people who can do anything about it - farmers - to make the best decisions possible.


Ben has a deep knowledge of soil science and geospatial analytics, gained from five years at the James Hutton Institute, working with soil data from around the world, including the Scottish National database of soils. Previously he got his doctorate at Bangor University. He joined Tom to set up Soil Benchmark to use the cutting edge techniques he developed in academia to make a tangible difference at field scale.


Tom and Ben are supported by an exceptional advisory board, including world-leading soil scientists such as Professor Alec McBratney (winner of the Dokuchaev Award - aka the Nobel Prize in Soil Science) and Dr Elizabeth Stockdale (developer of the AHDB ‘Soil Health Scorecard’).

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